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Automatic Log Slitter

Slitter Rewinders

We supply an extensive range of slitter rewinders, from the simplest slitter to the most complex with material handling and packing lines.

Pasquato Slitter Rewinders
1500 - 1700mm working width
Mother roll diameter up to 1000mm
Mother roll weight up to 500 kgs

Budget Slitter Rewinder

This slitter rewinder is ideal for the converter of vinyl, laminated materials, paper, plastic foils, films, screen print media foams, rubber, textiles, etc.

Pasquato TR Duplex Centre Winder


  Cantilevered or lift out mandrels
  Razor and shear slitting
  Lock core or slip core rewinding
Duplex Winder - Narrow Width  


Speeds up to 600 FPM
Web widths up to 62"
12" standard rewind diameter
Cantilever rewind shafts
Center winding
User-friendly controls
Programmable tension & density control
Score, shear or razor slitting
          Differential shafts
          Coreless winding
          Removable slitting sections
          Remote support, data logging and recipe control
          Trim removal systems
Duplex Winder  


Web widths up to 120
Duplex 42" standard rewind diameter
Lift-out rewind shafts
User-friendly controls
Programmable tension and density control
Score, shear, razor, burst or hot knife slitting
Speeds up to 2000 FPM
Center surface and center wind with minimum gap modes
          Differential shafts
          Trim removal systems
          Remote support, data logging and recipe control
          Automatic knife positioning

         Specialised Slitter Rewinders 


For coreless winding and packaging or party streamers/serpentines
Other specialised slitter rewinders include those for production of gum tape and coreless winding of non-woven and glass fibre products.

Automatic Slitter Rewinder

   Slitter Rewinders for Adhesive Tapes

   Cash/Till Roll Slitter Rewinders

   Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinders

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